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 SEAI Better Energy Communities Grant Scheme

Avail of up to a 50% Grants if your are a School looking to Upgrade your lighting to LED.


Did you know that you can claim up to 50% Grand from the SEAI's Better Energy Communities Scheme (BEC). If you are a school looking to upgrade your lighting this is an opportunity to get up to 50% Grant!  Many schools across the country have old, poorly maintained Incandescent and Fluorescent Lighting which not only costs an excessive amount to run and maintain but also has a significant Fire Risk. Fluorescent fittings become brittle and over heat during their live span creating a real risk of fire.












LED Energy Efficient Lighting can not only reduce your running costs by as much as 70% but will remove any existing risk of fire from older fittings. We have recently reduced the Electricity Bill for a single school by €3,500.00 per month. This is a massive saving which can be used on other budgets across the school.


SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland) want to help you reduce your energy use and costs, to do this they run the BEC Grant Scheme which will support you in carrying out a lighting upgrade.

Who Should Apply?

Better Energy Communities is a national retrofit initiative with grant support of up to €28 million each year. SEAI support new approaches to achieving energy efficiency in Irish communities. Upgrades can take place across building types to reduce energy use and costs throughout the community. SEAI aim to deliver energy savings to homeowners, communities, and private sector organisations. All projects should be community oriented with a cross-sectoral approach, and you must show that you can sustainably finance the proposed project.

How to apply

Contact Us here at EASi and we will assist you in applying for the BEC Grant. We can;

  1. Assist you in assessing the opportunity.

  2. Quantify how much of a Grant you are eligible for.

  3. Carry out a Lighting Audit

  4. Submit all the necessary documents with your application

  5. Submit your application and all the documents. SEAI cannot accept handwritten or postal applications.

  6. Project manage the whole project from start to final Grant payment.

 Please note that the grant is only available for works that have been undertaken after a Grant Agreement ("Letter of Offer") has been issued by SEAI. 


If you have any questions please contact gerry@easiled.com

Tel: 085 1419 518